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Explore traditional Hawaiian Music
with us!


Kanile'a Ukulele

Kanile`a means “Joyful Sound”. Experience this joyful sound for yourself, a heartwarming reflection of these Hawaiian Islands that we call home..


Welcome to Kamaka Hawaii, Inc., makers of Hawaii's finest ukuleles, and the home of the original Pineapple Ukulele!

Shima Ukulele

Shima ukulele is a family business owned brand founded by Jake Shimabukuro, who plays for Kamaka and his brother Bruce Shimabukuro is an artist and a teacher. Shima Ukulele was designed by Jake to provide a quality sound and feel at affordable price.

Kiwaya Ukulele

Kiwaya is a Japanese based ukulele company located in Japan since 1919. The company policy is to bring happiness through ukulele.

Tatsuya Mitsui

Tatsuya Mitsui  graduated at Osaka University of the Arts degree design Department of Industrial Major.His hobby is playing ukulele, a ukulele lecturer & builder with a heightened production.


Builded by Mr Toda Shinji from Japan. Set and relief of the neck, fretwork, and intonation. Each detail is extremely precise inside and out. Toda Ukuleles are build to perfection.


Waikiki belongs to Hawaii where is the origin of ukulele .


Seilen Stringed Instruments' established workshop and started a business around February 2011 in Matsumoto-shi, Nagano Prefecture.


Kahiko means "hula dance".It's a traditional dance developed by Polynesians who live in Hawaiian Island. Kahiko aim to reserve the tradition and bring joy to the next generation 

Asuka String Instruments
asuka u1.jpg

As a foundation for making musical instruments, we make instruments with traditional technique that defined Japanese aesthetic sense.​

Lotus Acoustics

Yuki Nishihara is a custom guitar builder in Japan. In 2017, Yuki started making ukuleles under the name Lotus Acoustics.As the first step, he made 4 ukuleles.

Toshiyuki Yoshida

Toshiyuki Yoshida was graduated from ESP Music Academy in 1989. Later, he worked under classic guitar producer Shuichi Tsutsui. In 1996, he became independent from Tsutsui. 

Kou Ukulele

E 8shape.jpg

Mr. Tatsuro Kobayashi started a new ukulele brand name "Kou Ukulele" which was developed in April 2017. He has 20 years experience in making ukulele, he makes every ukulele by hand and carefully produced.

Atsushi Hatta

Atsushi Hatta was born on February 18, 1980, and raised up in Fujiwara, Japan.

In 1998, he entered ESP Guitar Academy. He became the ESP Guitar Academy lecturer in 2007. Two years later, he established his own workshop named "Hatta" in Fujiwara. Nowadays, he mainly focus on producing Mandolin, Guitar and Ukulele.

Cases and Straps

Fusion Gig Bags

Fusion sells quality instrument bags and accessories to professional and travelling musicians around the world from their base in West Yorkshire, England.


Cross my heart, rock your style. Crossrock™ is our mission and pursue. We are searching for inspiration to create instrument bags and cases designs which is totally unique, functional and can give customers more choices of colors and individualities.

Calton  Cases

We believe in the vision Keith Calton started in his backyard workshop just outside of London in 1969 –– handcrafting well-made, darn near indestructible cases for working musicians. Today we make each case by hand, with love, in our Austin, TX shop. 

Sherrin's Thread

Sherrin’s Threads offers a large line of unique, handmade straps and accessories, perfect for ukulele, guitar, mandolin & even banjo.

Steph Guitar Straps

“Excellence in craftsmanship” has been our motto ever since we first began producing our leather Steph Guitar Straps for musicians long ago, in 1984. 


Worth Strings

Fluorocarbon strings made in Japan, Worth (worth) Brown Floro carbon with medium tension.


The three generations' manufacturing experience has been of main importance to understand how to improve our products and even more to comprehend the importance of communication with musicians.

Aquila Strings

Aquila USA is the U.S. representative for Aquila Corde Armoniche early music strings and an importer of Aquila modern music strings. Aquila Corde produces the finest gut strings and synthetic strings, for historical and modern musical performance.


GHS strings has more than 50 years in strings design. They are a world leader in strings performance and manufacturer best quality string products for string musical instruments. 

Pickup and Preamps 


Shadow developed the revolutionary NanoFlex transducer and NanoMAG magnetic pickup systems. Shadow also debuted their Panaflex system, which utilizes a dual NanoFlex pickup mounted under the saddle for independent tone and volume control for the low and high strings.


Belcat specializes in producing various musical instrument accessories.

The Company mainly engaged in loudspeaker boxes, pickups and effectors.


At Fishman, music has the power to cross cultures and continents, unifying people through the songs in their hearts and the sounds of their instruments.

LR Baggs

Five O is small and light, pickup with winning award custom system. A soundhole mounted volume control and a miniature endpin preamp


MINGS company was founded as a voint venture between China and Korea in June, 2000. With 10 years of development and great effort, MINGS has evolved into a large comprehensive guitar parts enterprise, extending our business scope of from acoustic guitar equalizer to different accessories. 

Other Accessories

Gotoh  Gut 

GOTOH GUT Co. began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and also the only domestic machine head manufacturer in Japan.


For almost a century, we've been keeping the world's finest string instruments in tune. It started in the late 1800's when Grover first produced a few guitar and banjo machine heads, then expanded into additional production of tuners for bass guitar, pedal steel, mandolin, dulcimer, ukulele and violin.

Der Jung

DerJung began manufacturing and selling guitar machine heads for the domestic market back in 1960 and currently have products sold to over 40 countries worldwide and collaborate with many famous brands.

Graph Tech

Dave Dunwoodie, the president of Graph Tech started in the 30 years ago in Vancouver, Canada.  They have various types of product such as nuts & saddles, picks, pickup, machine head, and etc... Graphtech is one of the most recognized products and brands in the music industry.

schaller 2.PNG

Schaller Electronic GmbH  is a German manufacturer of components for musical instruments, known for fully enclosed machine heads and other accessories.


In early 1997, ToneRite Inc launch their first commercial product known as ToneRite Signature. An engineer named Agapitus (Augi) purchased a new cello, he lacked the time of playing the musical instrument. With the help of his background knowledge of acoustical physics and engineering background, the first ToneRite was built.

tonerite product.jpg