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We carry variety of brands of products from worldwide such as Kamaka, Kanilea, Gotoh, Fusion gig bags, Sherrin's Thread and more.

Kamaka Family

kamaka family.jpg


World's top quality ukulele with more than a hundred years background of producing ukulele and rich historic culture in the ukulele industry.

Kanile'a Ukulele

In the 90s, Joe was given a chance to be an apprentice under the late Peter “Uncle Pete” Bermudez, master luthier. 

Joe, kept on polishing his skills and knowledge and crafting ukulele, he soon met and married his lovely wife, Kristen.

Joe's and Kristen three sons Kaimana, Lokepa, and Kahiau are working full time in the comapny and continuing with the family soul.


Gig Bags

The ukulele gig bags are well designed which provide versatile function and carry to fit the market needs.

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