Shadow developed the revolutionary NanoFlex transducer and NanoMAG magnetic pickup systems. Shadow also debuted their Panaflex system, which utilizes a dual NanoFlex pickup mounted under the saddle for independent tone and volume control for the low and high strings.


Belcat specializes in producing various musical instrument accessories.

The Company mainly engaged in loudspeaker boxes, pickups and effectors.


At Fishman, music has the power to cross cultures and continents, unifying people through the songs in their hearts and the sounds of their instruments.

LR Baggs

Five O is small and light, pickup with winning award custom system. A soundhole mounted volume control and a miniature endpin preamp


MINGS company was founded as a voint venture between China and Korea in June, 2000. With 10 years of development and great effort, MINGS has evolved into a large comprehensive guitar parts enterprise, extending our business scope of from acoustic guitar equalizer to different accessories. 

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