Gotoh  Gut 

GOTOH GUT Co. began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and also the only domestic machine head manufacturer in Japan.


For almost a century, we've been keeping the world's finest string instruments in tune. It started in the late 1800's when Grover first produced a few guitar and banjo machine heads, then expanded into additional production of tuners for bass guitar, pedal steel, mandolin, dulcimer, ukulele and violin.

Der Jung

DerJung began manufacturing and selling guitar machine heads for the domestic market back in 1960 and currently have products sold to over 40 countries worldwide and collaborate with many famous brands.

Graph Tech

Dave Dunwoodie, the president of Graph Tech started in the 30 years ago in Vancouver, Canada.  They have various types of product such as nuts & saddles, picks, pickup, machine head, and etc... Graphtech is one of the most recognized products and brands in the music industry.

schaller 2.PNG

Schaller Electronic GmbH  is a German manufacturer of components for musical instruments, known for fully enclosed machine heads and other accessories.


In early 1997, ToneRite Inc launch their first commercial product known as ToneRite Signature. An engineer named Agapitus (Augi) purchased a new cello, he lacked the time of playing the musical instrument. With the help of his background knowledge of acoustical physics and engineering background, the first ToneRite was built.

tonerite product.jpg

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