About the Company

Haupttonart was established in 1977, Haupttonart started out as a distributor for the violin family such as instruments, parts, accessories and repair services.

During that period, we mainly distributed to Japan, Taiwan, and Europe. We continuously to grow into distributing of musical instruments.

In the 1990s, Haupttonart decided to introduce Japan famous musical instruments brand into the China's market. We secure the China's sole and exclusive distribution right of Yamaha in 1991. Two years later, we dealt Hoshino Gakki to bring Ibanez electrical guitar and Tama drums into China's market. Haupttonart was invited on several occasions by Yamaha and Hoshino Gakki to tour the Japans' factory; we learn from their management, manufacture and promotion skills.

Yamaha Japan Factory Tour in 1993

Hoshino Gakki Japan Factory Tour in 1993

Taylor USA Factory Tour in 1995

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